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Citroën C2...


Arriving in Australia in 2004, the Citroën C2 bought something new and fresh to the market. Along with the Citroën C3, the C2 successfully replaced the ageing Citroën Saxo. The two cars have relatively different designs allowing Citroën to grab different sub-markets within the supermini class. The 5 door, C3 was originally designed as a larger "family friendly vehicle" whereas the C2 has a "young driver" image with 2 doors and flatter styling.

The Citroën C2 brings with it two key new technologies, the Stop & Start environmental system, and the SensoDrive five speed semi-automatic transmission.

The Stop & Start is a hybrid system, with the internal combustion engine being supplemented by a small electric motor. The "Stop & Start" system automatically disengages the engine when you bring the vehicle to a complete stop, with pressure being applied to the brake pedal. The engine quickly restarts when pressure on the brake pedal is relieved. The technology has been developed by Valeo and results in lower urban fuel consumption. The system, however, requires pressure on the brake pedal when stationary for the system to work - holding the vehicle on the handbrake (parking brake) alone will not be sufficient for the system to operate. The Stop & Start system is mounted to the SensoDrive gearbox.


The SensoDrive five speed semi-automatic transmission is an electronically controlled manual gearbox, with the clutch and gear-change functions electronically managed. As a result, the vehicle has no clutch pedal and the gear lever - which remains present - has no mechanical link with the gearbox. The SensoDrive gearbox is managed by a control unit, which controls two actuators. One actuator changes gear while the other, which is equipped with a facing wear compensation system, opens and closes the clutch. The gearbox control unit also dialogues with the engine control unit. The SensoDrive gearbox has two shifting options of either the fully automated mode, or the paddle-shifted/gear-shifted manual mode.


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