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HT CORTECO range is a monocomponent silicone elastomer which cures at room temperature.

It is mainly attended for professional customers as a flexible bonding agent to provide sealing, bonding and protection, etc.
Its elongation/break properties allow it to absorb significant differential dilatation movement.
• Sealing & Bonding in industrial sector
• Bonding of HCR silicones.
• General servicing and maintenance applications in various sectors: automotive, chemicals, industry, aeronautic...


• Good dielectric properties.
• Adhesion to many surfaces.
• Resists water and humidity.
• Quick curing.
• High elongation break.


Curing of HT CORTECO starts as soon as the product is brought into contact with atmospheric humidity. The curing rate increases with temperature and hygrometry.

Adhesion properties
Primerless self-adhesion on: glass, enamel, ceramics, epoxy paint, polyester, certain metals. Avoid too humid heat conditions for best results on metal and polyester.

Processing is particularly easy, since the product is delivered ready to use. Application can either be carried out manually or using automated application equipment. HT CORTECO bead is applied to one of two joint surfaces. Assembly must be carried out before the product has formed a skin. It is recommend to apply HT CORTECO on clean and dry surfaces.

Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of HT CORTECO.

$8.00 + GST
$7.50 + GST
- Color: Red
- Quantity 80ml
- Elongation at break: 300 %
- Time for skin to form: about 9mins
- Retains inherent properties even at 65 to +225 °C (250 °C for limited duration).
- Color: Black
- Quantity 80ml
- Elongation at break: 250 %
- Time for skin to form: about 9mins
- Retains inherent properties even at 65 to +275 °C (300 °C for limited duration).
Composition: 100% silicone elastomer mono compound, vulcanises at room temperature under normal atmospheric conditions.
Examples of use: Mainly for automotive applications. Wherever extreme resistance required to oil leaks and high temperatures in modern engines with steel or aluminium case (sumps, cylinder heads, oil pumps, differentials, rocker covers to head, gearbox castings ect.
Easily adapts to uneven or irregular surfaces. Very high resistance to coolants and chemicals. Used by car manufacturers.

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