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The Peugeot 306 was produced in a number of different trim and engine types. Some of the engine types include: 1.4 8v petrol, 1.9 8v diesel, 1.9 8v turbo diesel, 2.0 8v petrol and the 2.0 16v petrol engine.

The 306 possessed passive-rear steering which was achieved by specially designed compliance bushes on the rear axle mounts. On hard corners, the axle moves slightly so to point the rear wheels away from the direction of the turn, helping the car around the corner. A very well-known and popular fact for this model.

The 306 was made in phases, with the first phase being produced from 1993-1997. The main differences between phase one and the later phases being its easily recognised front grill and square headlights and fog lights.

Phase two being produced between 1997-1999. In 1997 the front of the car was redesigned to make it more rounded giving it a more modern look. It also took on a new badge along with new shape fog, rear and headlights.

Phase three was produced from 1999-2001 with the changes not being so dramatic. It included clear headlamps instead of frosted.

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