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Sogefi first choice for PSA's new Euro 6 compliant engines

PSA has selected Sogefi Group as the exclusive tier one supplier of key components for its new 2L Blue HDi DW10F engine series. Sogefi is PSA's first choice supplier for products used in the important oil, diesel, air and water circuits on the basis of the innovative technological features it proposed. Sogefi´s OE-quality replacement filters will be soon available to aftermarket customers.


An acknowledged leader SOGEFI produces some 190 million Oil, Fuel, Engine Air and Cabin Air filters, per year. 54% of SOGEFI sales are achieved with major worldwide vehicle manufacturers, both of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Sogefi holds, in particular, a position of leader in European OE business for Oil and Diesel Fuel filtration modules.


Purflux supply to some of the following manufacturers: Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, Ferrari, FIAT, Ford, Geely, General Motors, Honda, Lancia, Land Rover, Mahindra, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, SEAT, Skoda, Tata, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Thanks to its world class brands: Coopers, Fiaam, Fram, Purflux and
Tecnocar, SOGEFI also satisfies the needs of its Aftermarket customers in every country. Purflux, the " chevron " brand, synonymous with Original Performance, is the leading Sogefi name both in the Original Equipment and Independent Aftermarket fields.


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Why is an Oil Filter necessary?
One of the essential prerequisites for the satisfactory operation of an internal-combustion engine is continuous lubrication of the moving parts of the engine with oils which are kept at the required level of cleanness to avoid any premature wear. The oil filter has an essential part to play in this process, because it provides continuous purification of the oil, by retaining abrasive particles which are caused by normal wear and tear, and also dust and combustion residues. It has to be capable of withstanding the mechanical and thermal
loads created in the environment of the engine. It has to retain the oil when the engine is switched off and it helps to cool the oil to its optimum operating temperature.

Why replace the Oil Filter?
The oil filter is a very technological and high quality product which ensures a high efficiency of vehicle operation.
It consequently plays an essential part in the maintenance of the engine performance and in
extending engine service life. This can only be achieved by replacing it at regular intervals,
before the accumulation of retained particles lead to a pressure drop which would reduce its performance to a level where the filter is being bypassed.

When should the Oil Filter be replaced?
It is important to adhere to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation, normally to replace the filter at every oil change.
Purflux recommends replacement of the oil filter at least once per year.


Why is an Air Filter necessary?
The Air Filter is designed to protect the engine from direct contamination by external pollutants. The absorbed air is full of impurities depending on climate, ground surface, level of atmospheric pollution etc…
In addition there is dust which, if mixed into the engine oil, eventually becomes an abrasive paste, lethal to the engine.

Why replace the Air Filter?
Regularly replacing the Air Filter ensures that the vehicle's performance and Fuel Economy is maintained and better protects against the enviroment (keeping in line with an acceptable level of exhaust emissions for anti-pollution regulations.)

When should the Air Filter be replaced?
It is important to adhere to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation.
Purflux recommends replacement of the air filter at least once per year, preferably at the
same time as the oil filter.


Why is a Fuel Filter necessary?
A Petrol Filter provides protection for the engine fuel supply system (carburettor or injection) by removing impurities contained in the fuel.
A Diesel Fuel filter protects the injection pump of diesel engines by removing the impurities and water contained in the fuel.

The Diesel Fuel Filter:
The expertise of PURFLUX in the field of diesel fuel filtration covers both conventional
injection systems (distributor pump), and also new common rail systems and pump injectors. Thanks to the use of "chevron" pleating technology and continuous
improvement in the performance of filtration material used, PURFLUX can offer solutions which are capable of meeting increasingly demanding performance requirements and extended replacement intervals. These invariably have to be achieved combined with a reduction in actual filter size because of the continuous evolution of the diesel engine.

Why replace the Fuel Filter?
A clogged filter can cause interruptions in supply which may lead to a complete
stoppage of fuel delivery, resulting in an engine shut-down.
Filtered fuel provides a higher level of performance and optimised service life for the injection system.

When should the Fuel Filter be replaced?
It is important to adhere to the Vehicle or Engine Manufacturer's recommendation. PURFLUX recommends replacement of the fuel filter at least once per year.


Why is a Cabin Air Filter necessary?
The Cabin Filter protects the motorist and passengers from any pollution which penetrates and concentrates within the cabin.

Why change the Cabin Filter?
As a result of the filter's performance in stopping particles, its pressure drop, i.e. its restriction of airflow, increases to a limiting value corresponding to the end of its useful life.
A cabin filter which is regularly changed contributes to the well-being of the motorist and that of his passengers:

- cleanness inside the cabin (reduction in the level of dust and bacteria)

- protection of air-conditioning components

- passenger comfort

When should you change the Cabin Filter?
The filter has to be replaced at optimum intervals, so that the accumulation of pollutant particles will not cause a pressure drop ,incompatible with satisfactory operation of the vehicle's ventilation system. This condition can be recognised by a loss in ventilation flowrate and difficulty in keeping the windows clear.
It is important to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendation, changing the Cabin Filter generally every 15,000 km. PURFLUX recommends changing the filter at least once per year, particularly in environments with a high pollution potential (e.g city areas).