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The Renault 16, a hatchback produced between 1964 and 1979.

Not long after its introduction in Europe, the Renault 16 was awarded "The Car of the Year" Award by an International panel of thirty-two motoring journalists. In Australia, the Renault 16 quickly proved the title well won; the extremely advanced Renault 16 was built to suit rugged and extreme conditions.

A peculiarity of the R16 design is that the two back wheel shafts are not in-line. The left wheelbase is 70 mm (2.76 in) longer than the right wheelbase, to accommodate the torsion bar suspension. This and the soft front seats making it a particularly smooth ride even over large bumps. The entire interior of the R16 was stylish and completely furnished with a long list of inclusive extras.
Driving aids included quartz-iodine driving lights, reversing lights, 2-speed wipers and washers, an anti-glare rear view mirror and electric demisters in the rear windscreen. The car was also fitted with an ingenious heating, cooling and demisting system.


Looking back, the R16 was a remarkable car, especially for its time. It was extremely versatile and practical. Distinguished by exceptional comfort and speed for its size.

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