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We have service parts to suit your Renault R25 here at EAI. Please contact us so we can assist you in finding the correct parts to suit your car.

Read on for some interesting information about the Renault R25.


The Renault 25 is an executive car produced from 1983 to 1992. During its time, the 25 was Renault's flagship, the most expensive, prestigious, and largest vehicle in the company's line-up. It placed second in the 1985 European car of the year contest.

All Renault 25 models were front-wheel drive, with four cylinder (2-litre and 2.2-litre petrol injection or 2.1 litre diesel) and six-cylinder (2,849 cc and 2,458 cc turbo injection) engines mounted longitudinally forward of the front axle. The 25's performance was above average for its class, with the V6 Turbo specification a match for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 series.

The Renault 25's least durable part was the automatic transmission. As a result, most of the 25's in service today are the 5-speed manual because only a few autos have survived. Three automatic transmissions were used on R25: MJ3, 4141, both 3-speed, and a 4-speed AR4. The first transmissions started failing within a few years, that is, while the model was still in production. Renault then prepared a package that was to replace the original poor-quality cooler regardless of vehicle age and mileage. However, the fatal cooler location in front of the right wheel could not be changed. This is the reason why it is extremely difficult, to find a Renault 25 Automatic with the AR4 transmission today.


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