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A quality supplier of shock absorbers from France, a family run business who have been making quality shockers for over fifty years!

The Record-France Company was founded in 1957 with the first crimped shock absorber being produced in 1960.
Record are a French company with a 100% family capital, stretching for 4 generations.

The head office and the factory have been located in Antibes, in the South-East of France, since 1976. The production of shocks is carried out in a 10.000 m² factory, located between the sea and the mountains.

Record-France, for more than 50 years has:

  • Supplied vehicle makers with original equipment products for light and heavy vehicles
  • Developed a wide range to the independent aftermarket
  • Designed and manufactured shock absorbers for various industrial applications



Record-France offers 2 various Technologies : Hydraulic and Gas

Hydraulic telescopic twin-tube is especially designed for the aftermarket. The Super shock absorber is the perfect answer to the requirements of the car suspension it is engineered for. With a differential and progressive double action valveing, with damping forces in rebound and compression function of the motion speed of the piston, this shock absorber offers a different car handling.

Matching a variable gas pressure to its exact application and using the most advanced technology for each component, the Maxigaz shock absorber guarantees optimum safety in every circumstance.
The main benefit of a variable gas system is instantaneous damping reaction, ensuring that the shock absorber works more efficiently. Damping is more progressive and a smoother ride is created.
This shock gives the vehicle very precise road holding with superior comfort.


Every component of the Record-France shock absorbers is manufactured from high quality raw materials,and undergoes constant and rigorous controls at every stage of the manufacturing and finishing process, within the framework of an organization according to the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008, certified by the German TÜV, internationally recognized organization.


Quality controls are implemented at each stage of the manufacturing process : from product and component design to the dispatch of the completed product to the customer. Each department has to stick to rigorous procedures in order to tend to an optimal quality.



The suspension is a complex assembly, including the following main elements: springs (or torsion bar), tyres and shocks. But also: suspension arms, triangles, swivels, mounting kits, bonded bushes, stabilizer rods....
These different elements, parts of the suspension, are recognized efficient when there is:

  • An absorption of the road roughness
  • A constant contact between the wheels and the ground
  • An optimal passenger comfort.

The shock absorber, in order to relieve the other suspension parts, has several functions:

  • Road holding
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Protection of the mechanical parts
  • Quality of the tyre grip.


Before fitting please check that:

  • The condition of the front axle and the steering.
  • The condition of the rubbers of the stabilizing rods.
  • That there is no play in the ball-joints and coupling rods.
  • The good condition of the shields, ball-bearings, bump stops and other associated suspension elements environing the shock absorber.
  • That the springs have not given in.
  • Tyre pressure and wheel balance.
  • That the selected shock absorber part numbers are the right ones.







The Record-France shock absorber works only with rod and dust-cover upwards.
An arrow points to the top.
Hold the shock absorber in its normal position and make the oil circulate to prime the damper.
Use appropriate tooling during the fitting of the shocks on the vehicle.


  • It is strictly forbidden to hold the piston rod with pliers or mole grips. Avoid any contact with tools (screwdrivers, spanners, hammers…). A dented rod puts the seals out of order, causes an oil leakage and therefore damage to the shock absorber.
  • Replace any top bearing kits in bad condition: a blocked bearing or a worn-out top plate set may lead to a snapping-off of the upper attachment.
  • Replace any worn-out protection kits: this will prevent the piston rod chrome from being corroded, and therefore the damper from leaking.
  • Do not lock the attachments fully while the wheels are hanging. The final locking must be carried out with the wheels on the ground, in the normal functioning position of the suspension.
  • Please install all the mounting components & parts in the correct order and in the correct position, and please observe that the torque settings for the fixing bolts and nuts are tightened in accordance to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, to avoid any risks of knocking noise and any risks of breaking-off of the attachment(s).

The use of an air gun is not advisable.