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Record-France offers 2 various Technologies : Hydraulic and Gas.

Hydraulic telescopic twin-tube is especially designed for the aftermarket. The Super shock absorber is the perfect answer to the requirements of the car suspension it is engineered for. With a differential and progressive double action valveing, with damping forces in rebound and compression function of the motion speed of the piston, this shock absorber offers a different car handling.

Matching a variable gas pressure to its exact application and using the most advanced technology for each component, the Maxigaz shock absorber guarantees optimum safety in every circumstance.
The main benefit of a variable gas system is instantaneous damping reaction, ensuring that the shock absorber works more efficiently. Damping is more progressive and a smoother ride is created.
This shock gives the vehicle very precise road holding with superior comfort.



For each driving a shock absorber.
The various functions of the shock absorber, which is an integral part of the vehicle suspension, must be suited to the style of driving.
Those functions are :

  • Stability : Limitation of the oscillations due to road conditions.
  • Comfort : Braking of the vehicle movements.
  • Road-Holding : Elimination of the wheel bounces. Constant grip of the tyre.

Modern Vehicles :

  • Normal Driving : To meet the security functions of a shock, and to meet the replacement market demand, Record-France develops shock absorbers for which the functioning and the operating forces match normal and usual driving.
    The damping forces are calculated by the Research and Development department according to the vehicle and its ageing, to obtain an optimal passenger comfort, and an impressive road holding.
  • Sporting Driving : The SP type shock absorber has been especially engineered and manufactured in a sporting or special driving view. The damping values are adapted to increased safety in performance.
    The SP shock absorbers are to be fitted with springs, lowering or not, the specifications of which are consistent with the original shock absorbers.
  • Load Compensating : The RP type shock absorber, with reactivity in progressiveness, has been especially engineered and manufactured by Record-France for people who, regularly, load their vehicle, or tow trailers or caravans.
    The RP damper is the ideal solution for professional, family and leisure activities and occupations.
    This shock absorber, with its polyurethane spring, cancels the bumping effects, corrects the vehicle height, relieves the suspension and balances the vehicle.

Collector’s vehicles :
The shock absorbers range proposed by Record-France, still includes applications for light vehicles, passenger cars and commercials, from the thirties to the seventies. Thanks to its structure and its know-how, the company can furnish shocks for classic vehicles, with adapted technologies according to the vehicle part wear and to the road condition improvements.
Specific applications :
The Record-France R&D department develops specific telescopic shock absorbers according to special demands.
Record-France designs and produces various types of shock absorbers, for various types of use and driving, in small and medium size series, according to the customer specifications, equaling "tailor-made" technology.


Every component of the Record-France shock absorbers is manufactured from high quality raw materials, and undergoes constant and rigorous controls at every stage of the manufacturing and finishing process, within the framework of an organization according to the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008, certified by the German TÜV, internationally recognized organization.

Quality controls are implemented at each stage of the manufacturing process : from product and component design to the dispatch of the completed product to the customer. Each department has to stick to rigorous procedures in order to tend to an optimal quality.


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