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Australia's Largest Independent Spare Parts Importer of Peugeot, Renault, Citroën Alfa Romeo And Fiat.

Valeo is one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers and partner to all automakers worldwide. They are a leading manufacturer of clutch systems, friction materials, engine cooling and thermal systems, and a European leader in air conditioning systems, lighting, security and electrical systems.
Valeo are global leader in innovative technologies related to the reduction of CO2 emissions which aim to reduce vehicle fuel consumption. This is achieved by increasing internal combustion engine performance, using electric propulsion systems, reducing the energy consumption of the various systems, and reducing the weight of parts.
It all started in 1923 with the production of brake linings and clutch facings in a workshop in Saint-Ouen, just outside Paris. Nearly 100 years later, Valeo is a partner to major automakers and operates in 29 countries, making it one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers and the biggest clutch manufacturer in the world.
You can read all about VALEO’s history here :

Text Box: In order to unite its brands and people, the company adopted the name Valeo (“I am well” in Latin), the name of its Italian subsidiary, at its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on May 28, 1980.

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